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Dr McDonald uses a range of removable and fixed appliances. The success of treatment depends greatly on how well the patient wears the appliance and the rate at which the patient is growing. Particular appliances such as URA and Activator, the patient is able to select from a range of colours. Below are the appliances that may be recommend for treatment for a patient.


Quad Helix Expander

A Quad Helix is an appliance used for the upper teeth that is cemented in the mouth by two metal rings around the first molars. It works by gently pushing the teeth outwards to result in widening the upper arch. 


Upper Removable Appliance (URA)

An Upper removable appliance known as a URA is used to correct the bite of the front teeth and minor orthodontic problems.

Activator Appliance

An Activator appliance is used when there is a degree of prominence of the upper teeth in relation to the lower teeth, and a lower jaw which is smaller than the upper jaw.

Lower Lingual Arch (LLA)

A lower lingual arch appliance is used to maintain space in the lower dental arch due to early loss of baby teeth.

Begg Retainers

A begg retainer is a removable appliance used to maintain the proper position of teeth after treatment with braces, commonly called a retainer.

Clear plastic Retainers

A clear plastic retainer, or invisible retainer are specifically made to fit the current position of your teeth and to hold them in place following orthodontic treatment.

Spring Retainer

A spring retainer is a removable retainer made with a special purpose to correct the position of crowded front teeth.