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First Visit

Your first visit with Dr Andrew McDonald

Your initial consultation with Dr Andrew McDonald will be a brief examination. He will give the patient/guardian a diagnosis, explain any orthodontic problems and recommend a course of action.

You will be provided with treatment options, costs and any questions will be answered directly by Dr McDonald.


When should you see an Orthodontist?

It is never too early or late to see the orthodontist. However, most orthodontists would prefer to see a patient for the first time at eight or nine years of age to consider the possibilities of intercepting any problems. Commonly, children are treated once the permanent (adult) teeth have erupted or are due to erupt.


Good oral hygiene is essential before any orthodontic work can begin. When devices are placed on the teeth, bits of food are more likely to become stuck; the patient must brush much more carefully and more often to prevent tooth decay while treatment is ongoing. During the course of orthodontic treatment patients are required to maintain regular dental check ups.



We offer interest free payment plans across the duration of your treatment. This information is given in detail at your consult prior to treatment. A discount is offered to those who wish to pay their account in full at commencement of treatment.